ALCI will be exhibiting at PAG 2016 

January 9-13, 2016. Town & Country Hotel San Diego, CA

ALCI will present the SAS machine - Sampling Automatic System integrating the new recipes and tools for the Automatic sampling on many crop species

The SAGA System doing automatically the SEED classification and germination cinetics. The latest innovation using ALCI Algorithms for Researchers and Seed producers

ALCI will introduce at this show two new other equipements...come to see us! 

ALCI will be present with AGRINOMIX INC at this show from December 7-11 2015 

We will present the SAGA tools used for seed classification and Germination cinetic analysis

The new APA machine, Alci Pathologies Analyzer

ALCI announces new order production for the TEA equipment from one customer located in UK.

ALCI TEA System will control the quality of 100% of their roof tile production. 

We are proud to announce that one of our TEA System installed in one factory located in France, has made 100% of the quality control on 45 000 000 (fourty five millions) of tiles since we installed it three years ago.